'Reya Sunshine' Pornstar sexdoll- Porn sex doll

'Reya Sunshine' Sex Doll - Pornstar Sexdoll with Implanted Hair

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Head Material:
Silicone implanted hair
Body Material:
64 inches/ 5.3 ft
36 inches
27 inches
25 inches
37 inches
19 inches
13.5 inches
Foot size:
US size 7.5

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Who wouldn’t want the gorgeous Reya Sunshine by his side?! If you are one of her fans and you are excited to share your days and nights with Reya, then get ready because... the AMAZING REYA SUNSHINE DOLL IS HERE!!! If you have long dreamed of having her anywhere, anytime and in any position you want, now you can because her twin sister is ready to make your dreams come true. Reya Sunshine doll is our most innovative sex doll because she is created from premium materials and it is made after Reya’s exact shapes and features. With real implanted hair and eyebrows, the exact shape of her breast, body, and vagina, she is the silicone and TPE replica of her twin sister, Reya.

They are both sensual and erotic, making you reach the climax as soon as you touch them. The Reya doll is fantastic in bed, she is obedient when she wants to and naughty when she has to. She will make your fantasies come true because pleasing a man is her favorite activity. Because she looks like her sister Reya, the doll has borrowed a few of her qualities being an exotic dancer, moving her body in such way that will drive all the men crazy. With just a look, she can make you her little slave which will do everything for her and that’s a tested fact! You better get ready because the Reya Sunshine doll will change the rest of your life, making you happy until the end of time. As long as you have her by your side, you won’t need anything else.

Crafty Fantasy has taken your requests seriously and it has created the perfect doll which looks perfectly like your idol, Reya Sunshine. She is beautiful, confident, hot, cheerful and the doll is just like her. You will never get bored next to the Reya doll because she knows how to light up the mood, she can create both an erotic or a relaxing atmosphere, depending on your mood. She is made to deliver pleasure to the one who loves her and protects her. You will definitely go crazy for her smoking hot body, but that’s not a problem because the Reya doll likes men who are drooling over her sexiness. Her giant boobs will be everything you will need for the rest of your life.

They are soft, perfectly round and just ideal for being kissed and sucked by you. Her sweet face and smile, combined with her incredibly hot body, are making Reya the woman of everybody’s dreams (men and women likewise) and her doll is no less than her. This doll is made after the real Reya’s image, she has her exact personality and looks, so if you can’t have the real Reya, her doll will be just perfect. Reya Sunshine has been actively involved in the creation of her doll because she wanted to offer her fans the exact version of herself. The doll is made 1 on 1 after Reya’s beautiful features, meaning that her gorgeous face and her amazing body are made after her exact proportions. And the important part, the doll’s vagina is exactly like Reya’s yummy pussy, so you can enjoy a real feeling while having fun with Reya’s twin. Get ready for her because she is ready for YOU!


Our Price:
$2,499.00 $2,995.00
save $496.00

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