Posted by CM on Sep 13th 2017

Future sex is calling. How does a life with a sex doll looks like?

Making love with a sex doll, it’s not something that happens from just yesterday. When it comes

to pleasure without a human partner, we can take a look back in the past, in the seventeen

century. Back then, Dutch sailors who were isolated at sea during long voyages made dolls of

sewn cloth or old clothes. That seems to be the reason why in Japan sex dolls are known as

"Dutch wives". Then, in the nineteen’s, Nazi Germany made sex dolls for soldiers during World

War II. After the war, sexual dolls were used to treat the soldiers’ post-traumatic stress. In the

next years, many types of sex dolls were made by companies, using different materials and

serving different needs.

Now it seems to be a whole new age when it comes to sex dolls. The dolls look like real women

as if they were out of magazines. They seem so real that if you looked only at the pictures, you

would not realize they were just sex dolls. .(link in here) The customers are very satisfied and

there are more and more of them. Andrew says that it's very liberating to be with a one. Her

mane is Andrea.“Andrew and Andrea. Isn’t that great?” Talking about her, he says: ” If you want

to be alone or if you want a company, it only depends on you. She won’t argue. It’s that easy.”

Here is a testimony of a man who lives with a sex doll. Andrew was married two times and in the

both cases, he suffered. Now he lives with less stress. He also thinks that he’s becoming a better

person:” That's what makes great relationships, right? To be a better person. When I was

married, I was nervous, almost all the time. I remember that I used to argue with my neighbors

and my colleagues from work. My first wife used to call me when I was working and she always

distracted me. One day she interrupted me from a meeting. That was horrible, I felt so

embarrassed. With the second one, I used to argue even when there were people around us. She

drove me crazy. Now, I’m much more relaxed and I socialize more with the people around me.

Problems at work are now gone.”

He even said that he personalized her: ”Maybe it sounds superficial, but I gave her a personality.

I am extremely grateful for the love I receive from Andrea. She won’t call to disturb me, she

won’t ask for money. My love passes through her, and, in turn, she thanks me for treating her as

a person. So she is my life partner. I don’t only have sex with her. I sleep with her in the same

bed, I eat and sometimes shower with her. I find it really romantic showering with her.” Andrew

is very happy with his life and he says he wouldn’t do anything different.

So it seems like sex dolls are still solving needs, but much deeper ones that in the past. And here

it’s more than the realistic and human like body features. With these sex dolls, people find real

life companions.