How to introduce a love doll into your relationship

How to introduce a love doll into your relationship

Posted by Anna on Dec 11th 2017

Relationships... always complicated, but you can survive them if you know how to treat the different problems that appear in any relationship. Yes, the beginning is beauitful, milk and honey everywhere (both in your kitchen and in the bedroom), but what do you do after those powerful flames start losing their intensity and you go to another level for your relationship. It is important on how you deal with all the fights, the drama, the little misunderstandings, because if you want to keep your relationship happy, you need to be more lenient, try to understand your partner’s point of view and make certain compromises.

Sharing responsabilities is one of the solutions because there are two of you in a relationship and every one of you has to do certain things. This is one of the solutions for a healthy and happy life in a couple. Wherever problems arise, it is better to focus on the solution, not on throwing the guilt on one or the other. But when problems appear into the bedroom, things might get a little complicated because this is where the magic happens and it should happen all the time between two young people who are involved in a relationship. The love life can be improved in many ways, but it is important to find the right way which is suitable to your needs and desires. You should be honest with eachother, understand where is the problem and action for fixing it. There are different ways to spice up your love life, for example, you can try other positions than the usual, something not too hard, but make it pleasant for both of you or watch some erotic movies and „steal” the moves you like from there. Your partner will definitely enjoy your ideas and go along with your sensual games.

Another way of spicing things up is to introduce a third person and because using a real man or woman is harder to accept by one of the partners, what whould you say if you would bring in a silicone love doll. Don’t jump to any conclusion and first analyze the entire idea from beginning to end. This is actually a great idea because it doesn’t involve a real person that can endanger your relationship. In this way, you can experience your intimate relations with other people and the love doll is a great start. She will do what you say her to do, she won’t spoil any of your intimate secrets and everything will remain in your bedroom. The love doll is fun to use, plus it really looks like a real person and you can do everything that crosses your mind with her, she won’t refuse any of your fantasies. How to convince your partner into accepting a love doll in bedroom? Well, you can start by explaining her/him all of these privacy advantages, that no one will know and you will keep it between the two of you. Neither of you will think about cheating the each other, you can do everything you want with the love doll, she won’t share your little secrets with anybody and the risk for health problems is null.

If you think you need this into your relationship or you simply want to make things more interesting, a love doll is the perfect idea because it doesn’t involve feelings from any of the partners and it is a modern way of having fun in the bedroom. But first, decide together with your partner the idea of introducing a love doll into your relationship.