Crafty Fantasy nominated for the XBIZ 2019 AWARDS - Hosted by Stormey Daniels ;)

Crafty Fantasy nominated for the XBIZ 2019 AWARDS - Hosted by Stormey Daniels ;)

Posted by Dave M. on Nov 16th 2018

This is a proud opportunity for Crafty Fantasy sex doll making team to be nominated for the XBIZ 2019 Adult AWARDS. 

Hosted by no other than Stormy Daniels, a famous celebrity with decorated 20-year career, establishing herself as a top performer, award-winning director, sex-positive activist and today, a NY Times bestselling author and world-famous media personality. She became so famous that even our President Donald Trump knows her name, lol.

The awards will be presented by which is the largest adult online webcam community.

So you must be asking, why did Crafty Fantasy aka got nominated for this XBIZ Adult Award.

Well the fact is that we developed an exact look a like doll of famous adult performer 'Reya Sunshine'. The doll came so close likeness of Reya that they both looked like twin sisters at the AVN 2018 show in Las Vegas.

We have almost perfected the process of making dolls based on real girls and this year and into the next year, we have more pornstar dolls coming up which the fans have been waiting anxiously to fall in love with. Now as a fan you can have your favorite pornstar doll anywhere, anytime and in any position you want.

How amazing is that?

I remember i use to love certain pornstars growing up and i had such a fantasy about them. Everytime i would watch their porn video and oh boy, it made want to be with her, i could imagine her performing on me.

It is the reason the VR adult biz started streaming such videos and i know lot of fans really enjoyed the closeness.

But now we have taken this fantasy and experience a step further. Imagine having your favorite pornstar right in your bedroom looking at you with this sexy look on her face. Now you can squeeze her sexy breast, her butt and for the first time in life, you can have sex with an exact look-a-like of your favorite pornstar sex doll.

Oh i remember the days at the AVN show in Jan 2018, our booth was stormed by men taking photos with your phones. They loved Reya Sunshine. Now if you didn't know Reya, she has a sweet personality to die for. She has close to 2 million fanbase just on Instagram and i am going to place a link here so you can see the true beauty goddess in action.

Reya Sunshine Instagram link:  Reya_Sunshine_Instagram_Page

We are making some more modifications to Reya's TPE sex doll as i write this, and very soon it is going to be a sweetheart doll that will bring smile on every man's face. It doesn't matter if you are single, married, divorced, you will find such a pleasure by owning the Reya doll. Couples can always spice up their sex life by introducing Reya doll between themselves as MFF (male female female) or MFT (male female trans). Yes that is true, we have a special adapter that can convert a female doll into shemale doll and you can run your imaginations wild.

Reya's sex doll comes with 2 head options. You can order a TPE sex doll head or a Silicone sex doll head. The benefit of ordering a silicone head is that we can implant real hair as eyebrows and on the scalp.

So if you got a chance to visit us at the XBIZ Awards 2019 show, please don't hesitate to say 'Hi' and who knows what other surprise we will have by then for the world.

Cheers and have a great weekend - Dave