European Real Doll - Have A Lap Dance From The Racy Kitty

A beauty - Kitty 100 cm/3.3 ft - For USA Customers ONLY

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Kitty knows many various dance poses, and will happily pirouette or bend at your will. But Kitty is so much more than that; this realistic sex doll is so life like that when you jiggle her ginormous jugs you will swear they are real. That's because all of our solid silicone sex dolls are superbly crafted and cared for diligently, one love doll at a time. Kitty is so expertly crafted that each curve and indent perfectly mimics and mirrors a busty babe built for bed bumping. Kitty will lift her leg above her head and dance for you all night long.

Kitty stands at a sexy short 3'3", and that makes her a pretty good height to give you a standing slurping sloppy blowjob. Her beautiful butt is highlighted by her luscious 24 inch hips. Kitty has a waist so tight and cute at 14 inches that you will want to spread your hot loads on every inch of her. With a big beautiful bulging bust of 29 inches, she will blow your mind and every single one of your loads. She weighs 27 lbs and is almost as light as a feather when you dance and prance her around on her tippy toes. But when you feel her weight when she lands heavily in your lap you will spring such hard wood that you might just slip right in her petite pussy.

This realistic solid silicone sex doll has three silky smooth fuck holes for you to fill with your love. She has a welcoming realistically modeled vagina and a pair of lovely luscious lips to suck on your thick dick. Are you wondering if your big dick will fit in her virginal vagina? The answer is yes, not only is she extra soft and stretchy, but her vagina is actually a little bit deeper than the average woman's vagina. Kitty is just about as tight as an 18-year-old virgin and as deep as a practiced prostitute. Kitty is the fuck doll that wants to be your virgin slut.

This exotic dancer has a fully pose able metallic skeleton and she can hold all kinds of poses. Kitty, along with all our solid silicone sex dolls, is so versatile that you can make up moves not even possible with a real woman. All of our lifelike sex dolls are also water proof. Warm them up in the tub and slide yourself in a warm tight pussy or petite mouth tonight.

Kitty begs you to try out her "vertical pendulum cum," which is a move she invented just for you: That's where you lube up Kitty's mouth and pick her up at the waist while standing. Then turn her upside down and put the head of your hard thick dick in her mouth. Then grab her voluptuous thighs, hips, or ankles and sway her back and forth so your cock goes in and out at whatever speed you want. Don't worry; Kitty won't choke on your cock. She wishes she could suck your cock in like breath while you use her body as a pendulum to masturbate with her open mouth. Unload with Kitty tonight.

Kitty costs less than a single trip to Vegas, but with none of the hourly feet.

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Our Price:
$799.00 $1,295.00
save $496.00

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