'Thea' 150cm sex doll-Silicone online sex doll

'Thea' Silicone Sex Doll - 150cm online sex doll

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150 cm/4.9 ft
20 cm/7.8 inch
79 cm/60 cm
47 cm/18.5 inch
73 cm/28.7 inch

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She came from Asia after working hard on her body in order to become a real big tits silicone sex doll. She loves sex and she left Asia to meet real Americans who are interested in Asian sex. You may think sex is her only interest, but you would be wrong. Thea loves sex, yes, but another goal of hers is to find that American man who is willing to show her that she can become a lady. So, if you are willing to domesticate this Asian silicone sex doll who only thinks about sex, you are more than welcome to try it. No one managed to make her a home doll but now is only up to you. You can take her home and spank her ass until she starts listening to you. Think about her like the woman who needs to find a man who is willing to teach her respect. You can now start offering the lesson you love. Spank her while fucking this real big tits Asian girl. She needs to see what a man looks like. Be that man who transforms the nasty Thea into a home girl.

Before you do that you should know what Thea loves doing. As a silicone sex doll, Thea started taking dicks right in her ass because she wanted to scream big and because she simply loved the pain. If you want to become her master all you have to do is to spank that big ass big time. She loves feeling a big dick in her ass because she loves to be treated like a slave. Make her slave first time and then make her your love doll.

It’s not an easy task, that’s why we are warning you, Thea is very dangerous. She is that silicone sex doll who needs a strong man to put her in place. Are you a master?

Thea started her life trying to become a number one slut desired by all the toughest men out there. She got her ass beaten and she suffered real damages to her pussy, but now, she is brand new. She needs someone to try her new pussy and take it all from zero. As a number one silicone sex doll, she only accepts huge dicks inside of her brand new wet pussy. If you think you can satisfy this horny silicone sex doll, we’ll be glad to name you a master in sex. But be aware, Thea knows sex better than the sex goddess and if you can’t fuck her hard she will kill you. Are you that weak? Show the world how a great man you are and fuck Thea like a real porn star because this is what she needs. She needs a partner to make real porn movies with. You can start your own new homemade porn industry.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.

Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with body that is a perfect match to a real girl's body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to sell you silicone dolls for less money.

Realistic sex …
These sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These sex dolls have real life simulation vaginal opening for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a real girl, so soft real skin feeling. Our sex dolls arouse your naughty side and helps fulfill your dirty fantasies.

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Our Price:
$1,899.00 $2,799.00
save $900.00

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