'Rose' 160cm sex doll-TPE real love sex doll

'Rose' TPE Sex Doll - 160cm real love sex doll

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160 cm/5.2 ft
106 cm/70 cm
63 cm/25 inch
102 cm/40 inch

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Just like every rose has its thorn, every tpe sex doll collection has its beautiful Rose ready to fuck you out of your freaking minds. Rose comes from the future and she is the tpe sex doll designed by rock stars from the future just to come here and show us how to party like real hustlers. Ohh..she is just amazing. Rose has a natural blonde hair, she is not too tall, not too short. Her full red lips are the thorns which will kiss your lips and manhood while you wonder where this girl knows all these stuff. Rose was created to be a real doll and she spent her time in the future traveling the world with her rock band. She knows everything it has to be known about men and their needs. The Rose tpe sex doll has a tattoo on one of her hand and there you will see the story of her life. It all started 20 years ago when she was born and from the age of 15 she choose the RocknRolla lifestyle where parties and sex were present every day. Rose decided to explore the world and he had fun with all kinds of people. At the age of 18, she went to the future to see what is that men really need. She managed to find that out in just 2 years and she is back in the present now. She is looking for a rockstar to rock her world because she is tired of waitning. She just needs to have sex just like any other se dolls. If you are ready to party, ask for Rose. Her skin is spotless, her lips are red and sensual, her mouth is empty waiting for you and her large tits are just perfect. Everyone heard about blow jobs, tit fuck, and normal sex, but because of her recent experience in the future, Rose will show the upgraded versions of this stuff. Rose has her mind full of fantasies because her entire life is a fantasy. She will transform your home into a concert stage where she will rock you. Get ready for the real doll and be prepared to use your entire body to satisfy her.

The tattoo on her hand will make you discover the path full of roses that she walked on in order to become what she is and the rest of the tattoo will take you closer to her beautiful face. Kiss her, touch her and declare her your love. After you do that, she will be the tpe sex doll rocking your world. Rose loves making sex like rock stars make in the backstage. Feel free to bring a friend and if you don't have a friend, you can choose another tpe sex doll here because you will love the threesome with these real dolls. Choose another large tits girl and your life will be complete. You will be all covered in large sensual tits and you can fuck them like a rock star. Rose is a bisexual tpe sex doll and she is all in it. She won't say no to anything. She loves to be challenged and more than that she loves to suck and lick. Can you handle it?

Rose is a real doll made by a future visionary crafter who understood that a man needs to be happy in order to rule the world. The benefits of having a TPE tpe sex doll are that you won't have to worry about a thing. Things, like cheating or being jealous, will no longer be part of your life. Rose is your new best fuck friend and your fair wife. She will always be there waiting for you to treat her right and she will simply fuck you and listen to you. She is the perfect woman. Her large tits are always ready for action and her hot mouth will always be available for your most wanted blow job. Time has come to change your life and a happy life comes only with tpe sex doll wife. She will fill your life with sexy poetry and you will become invincible.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$2,099.00 $2,950.00
save $851.00

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