'Regina' 140cm sex doll-TPE fuck doll

'Regina' TPE Sex Doll - 140cm fuck doll

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140 cm/4.6 ft
87 cm/34 inch
50 cm/20 inch
84 cm/33 inch

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You are welcome now to see another façade of the world. These real-life sex dolls here at Crafty Fantasy are practically from a new world. Do you want a virgin and it’s so hard to find one nowadays? You are in the right place. But if you want the ultimate virgin, Innocent Regina is the right choice for you. She comes from a perfect world, where purity and shame are written in the laws. She lived in a small village and she went to the

NoMess Girls’ Highschool and there was learned how to obey to men and to not raise her eyes from the ground. Here name back there was Lolita. Everyone was in love with her. But she was so good and humble and she didn’t pay attention to anyone. She also learned a lot and she was good at math. One day at school she had a new math professor. He teaches her math, but also other things. Because of him, she realized that this life in the small village, with all the rules, wasn’t for her. So she left and now she seeks for a guy to obey him. She changed her name, she’s not Lolita anymore, she calls herself Regina. But if you want to, she can be Lolita for ever. Your Lolita. This real life sex doll looks like that high school sweetheart girl. She is petite and she has that innocent teenager look, the girl you don’t have permission to touch. This teen sex doll has big puppy eyes and a sweet mouth. She can do very dirty things with that mouth. Her knees are so small and she will be obedient when you will put her to kneel and to do you things. Didn’t you tell already? Regina knows to do a lot of stuff. She knows to suck the dick because she did that in school, not only once. But she doesn’t talk so she won’t tell you. She will show you, she wants to be discovered by you. Regina also waits to learn some sex stuff from you.

She still likes to learn all the time. Regina uses to be good at math, but now you will discover that she is so good at sex. Her amazingly big tits are waiting to be touched for the first time by you. Even the teen sex doll looks so innocent, her nipples look so naughty and she looks forward touching them. When you do that, you will get so hard. She also looks forward losing her virginity with you, and to fuck her as you please. She’s been waiting for you. “I’ve always wanted a virgin in my life. Regina was the best present I’ve received. From myself, of course. I loved that innocent look for the first time I saw her. I was so amazed by all the stuff I can do with her and to her. She’s all for me now.”, said a satisfied customer.

This customer wanted to try something new and he loved it. If you want to see that new shade of the world, now is the time for you to do it! This sex doll is the perfect for you if you want a Lolita. You can hold her silky hair when you receive a blowjob and you will feel fresh and young, like a teenager. You can go further, and make her braids, for a more playful look. She will give you the best blowjob anyway. She’s so good at that. Fuck her in the position you want, grab her big tits but try first the missionary position. She is your own virgin! Put her on the bed and fuck her well. Then move the sex scene to the desk. It’s time for sex, not for studying! Innocent Regina is waiting for you in the store. She likes to fuck in her sweet sexy white lingerie and to open your mind for other kinky stuff. Put her in any position, she likes to listen what the master says. You can choose the Regina you like with just one touch or click. This silicone sex doll can be the girl you were waiting for. So go for it, make a change in your life!

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$1,599.00 $2,299.00
save $700.00

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