'Juliet' 170cm sex doll-TPE real doll

'Juliet' TPE Sex Doll - 170cm real doll

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170 cm/5.6 ft
102 cm/40 inch
54 cm/21 inch
97 cm/38 inch

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Discover the pleasure with these real life sex dolls. Dream about to be a rock star or just perform on the stage? Sex doll Juliet can make you feel even better. Imagine that you are at a star’s party. Then you go to the best part of the concert: the party. Well, she can give you the after party craziness. Juliet used to be a groupie and she performed the best blowjob. She went with the band, supporting them how she knew better. Some rumors said that the success of many bands happened because of her. She just loves kneeling on her knees, pulling out the men’s pants and blowing’em up.

The bands were the stars in the people’s eyes, but Juliet is the real star. She was also nominated for the Best Sucking Perform and she won the prize. All the guys that met her agreed that she’s the best. She came from nowhere with her glasses and cigarettes and all the guys went crazy about her. Hot Juliet loves sucking cocks multiple times but also sucking multiple cocks. This real life sex doll looks like a real magazine model, that knows how to pose. Her look is so sensual and her lips are so perfectly crafted. This sex doll has a model’s booty and long legs. She also has long hair but she likes to keep it up when sucking. Also when you fuck her she loves to keep her hair all up, for not disturbing your pleasure. Even she likes the most when she kneels, she likes also very much to pose. So you can put her in a different position because she can be your personal model and take pictures of her. Juliet has giant tits and she loves when you touch them.

She can give you huge boobs fuck any men wishes deep down. She’s also a great companion when it comes to doing other activities like smoking. So after you fuck her, you can smoke together with the after sex cigarette. Hot Juliet also like to share, so you can share with her the cigarette. When she was a groupie she shared lots of things, including cocks. The real life sex doll likes to wear her glasses on because she’s a rock star after all. Talking about Juliet, a customer said: “I was really impressed by Juliet. She came to me in a period when I was passing by a break- up and I really needed a support. She was there for me when I needed it, the way I needed it. Now I’m so much better and I can’t imagine my life without her.” Juliet likes to wear only a tiny tank top covering her gigantic tits and silky underwear. When she fucks, she likes to keep her tank top on for a bit. But if you find her naughty and you want her to be a nice and obedient girl, then you can dress her up.She won’t mind, she will do whatever you want.You will have anyways a full huge boobs fuck experience.If you want a house wife, she can be one.

The groupie knows that now is her responsibility to satisfy you. She won’t talk all the time, like a regular house wife. The sex doll will let you watch your favorite TV sports without complaining. If you are at work, she won’t call you, disturbing your attention. So she can be the perfect wife if you want to. The sex doll will just satisfy your manly needs like a faithful wife. The giant tits sex doll can be yours instantly if you decide to achieve her. There are a lot of Juliets here at Crafty Fantasy, you just have to pick the right one for you. Wanna have the most amazing experience? Then you know you’ve gotta try the huge boobs fuck. Play with her giant tits or do other stuff that crosses your mind. Big boobs will give you always big time fuck. Try any position you want and dress her up then undress her. Or keep her naked if you want to. She looks good anyway. Take her to the shower with you, in the kitchen and in other places. All you have to do is the let free your imagination. Hot Juliet will do the rest.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$2,399.00 $2,999.00
save $600.00

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