'Jiaxin' 163cm sex doll-Platinum Silicone real doll

'Jiaxin' Premium Silicone Sex Doll - 163cm real doll

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Platinum Silicone
163 cm/5.3 ft
79 cm/31 inch
54 cm/21 inch
80 cm/31.4 inch

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Jiaxin is a furious sex doll who learned a lot about some bad techniques from her Asian sisters. Her sisters are the xin xin sisters from the Asian sex mafia from Hong Kong. They started the Asian sex punishment who became one of the most wanted forms of punishment in Asia. Believe it or not, you can feel pleasure when a sex doll is punishing you because she knows exactly where to touch you. For example, Jiaxin is focusing mostly on balls. Yes, she likes to tie your balls and hit them with a moisture towel. After 3-4 hits, she will touch the balls with her lips just to make you relax a little bit so she can start punishing you all over again. She looks nice and she has a beautiful face, but Jaxin is a real bitch. You have to options with Jiaxin.

You can keep her as she is, a mean wild sex machine or you can domesticate her. Some bold men did that. They had the balls to mess with Jiaxin and now, Jiaxin is not a punisher anymore, but a ball slave. Jiaxin is a silicone premium sex doll made of the highest silicone material. This makes her one of those real sex doll ready to offer real sex to the man who decides to make her part of his life. She is a tall sex doll and a naughty sexy Asian doll ready to fuck and suck like no other. Even if she mad Asian sex doll who was part of the sex mafia in Asia, she is sick and tired of all those fake fucking dicks and she needs to suck a real one because she likes it and she has the tongue for it. Jiaxin is a beautiful brunette with a soft white skin and black eyes. She has a cool look and her lips are as sensual as her little naughty ass. Her beautiful long legs go hand in hand with her big natural tits. Her great tits have two beautiful pink nipples which will tease your cock before starting to fuck her.

She will walk those strong and sensual nipples all over your body and it will tease you with them around your cock and around your balls while she licks your asshole. Jiaxin has a lot of skills and if you are not a good boy she will make you a slave. She is that naughty girl from hell with a beautiful angel face. The sex doll industry is increasing especially because of this special platinum silicone sex doll who made people understand that a sex doll is a real option in the real life. It looks like a real woman but she didn't act like a real woman. A lot of men in the world would agree that this is the perfect woman. Jiaxin is as real as you can get and she has sexual organs almost as real as a real woman has. The silicone sex dolls are a real competition for the women out there and they know that. Jiaxin has "ruined" a lot of marriages, as women for the save the women association say. We say "ruined" but we know that those man who is living the dream of their lives are very happy with their sex doll next to them. Andreas from Spain has a nice confession for all the Asian sex lovers out there: " I love Jiaxin.

The manufacturer told me that I can change her name, but that's out of the discussion. This is her name and she really deserves it. She is my Asian sex doll and I really love her. I read her story and I talked with some other men who have her and I decided to make her my all-time sex doll. I am an Asian sex lover and Jiaxin is offering exactly what I need. Jiaxin has a perfect body. She is crafted exactly like a real Asian woman with a nice and sexy body and a pair of naughty tits that you can squeeze as hard as you can not worrying about a thing. HEr tiny ass is just perfect. I like to fuck her from behind and feel her smooth skin touching me. They say Jiaxin is a real badass sex doll but if you fuck her right and you love her she will be that perfect woman you were looking for."

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$3,499.00 $3,995.00
save $496.00

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