'Eve' 160cm sex doll-TPE sex doll

'Eve' TPE Sex Doll - 160cm sex doll

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160 cm/5.2 ft
106 cm/42 inch
63 cm/25 inch
102 cm/40 inch

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We had to keep this sex doll dressed because we want you to have a surprise when she gets to your doorstep and a huge surprise when she will be in your bed. Eve has such huge tits that we had to keep them covered because the camera couldn’t shoot them all. If you are a huge tits lover, you are in the right place because you can’t get larger tits on a sex doll than Eve’s huge tits. She is the master tits sex dolls and she likes to use them in all possible ways. Eve is a beautiful sex doll with a nice face and sensual lips ready to perform on your dick.

Her big colorful eyes are made that way to see your dick even better just so she can take it between her huge tits and rub it. Eve might seem a gentle girl, but when you take her to bed she will show you how kinky she is. She was crafted to be the huge tits slave for your dick. She likes to get fucked while she rubs her tits and she likes to see you cum on her tits. She is kinky and she is naughty. Eve was the cover of the virtual huge tits magazine and she became the most wanted sex doll after a video where everyone saw her performing. Bobby, the first guy who bought Eve, filmed himself while he was fucking her. He took her from behind while Eve was licking her big tits’ nipples and fingering her asshole. Eve is a nice and horny busty girl who likes fucking in all positions. Bobby put her on her all and fucked her pussy while his face was being splashed by her huge tits. She has such huge tits that you can make the motor boat thing with her tits.

I am sure you know what that means because you have watched a lot of porn movies. If you are eager to see her huge tits, in reality, you have to order this Eve sex doll because you will be amazed. Her tits are exactly as you want them to be. You can lay on your bed with Eve and you can use her huge tits like your own personal sex toys. She was designed with these huge tits just so you can fuck her pussy and play with her tits. Eve is a 2 in 1 sex doll. She has a real pussy and she loves being fucked while her tits are massaged. Eve is made of silicone material and she is so real. Men who are fucking her now are very happy. We could show you some testimonials, but those men who are fucking Eve, are so busy playing with her pink pussy and her huge tits. when they uncovered Eve's tits they were amazed and all they could think about was how to fuck her. Eve wants to be your lover or your sex doll wife. She won't interfere your personal life, she will only be there for you whenever you need a great fuck. If you have a personal life, but your wife or your girlfriend doesn't have huge tits, Eve will be there to take care of that aspect.

Eve will also be a great partner for a threesome. don't worry she will not be upset if you bring a real woman into your bed. She will love to have her pussy licked by another woman while she sucks your dick. Have you ever imagined yourself into a threesome? Have you ever thought of having a sex doll and a real woman at the same time? Take advantage of this amazing millennium and live your life at its best. Be strong, be brave and prepare your dick for a real busty and horny experience. Eve is the real deal. She is a silicone sex doll and she is a real sex doll with huge tits. These two sentences have to make you try Eve. a sex doll with huge tits offers you a new view. She will transform your life from nothing to everything. As a man, all you need is sex, and Eve is here to offer you that. Don't think twice, ask for Eve.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$2,399.00 $2,899.00
save $500.00

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