'Diana' 162cm sex doll-Silicone real sexdoll

'Diana' Silicone Sex Doll - 162cm real sexdoll

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162 cm/5.3 ft
21 cm /8.2 inch
86 cm/64 cm
63 cm/25 inch
86 cm/34 inch

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You may think she is like that dirty Diana, but this Diana is clean like a pure angel. Well, not exactly! We were just playing with you. Do you think you can handle real sexy jokes and funny sexy toys? Diana is that silicone sex doll who loves to play around the hose with sex toys and play sex jokes on you. The one who gets upset will get punished. Don’t worry! If you are that kind of guy who gets upset fast, you will like the punishment Diana will play on you. She is like a 20 years young girl with her mind only at sex. She loves quality sex and she likes to sleep close to you. If you don’t have a large bed, then you can dream on top her. She won’t mind. You can also sleep with your dick inside her pussy because Diana likes to sleep with a giant dick inside her pussy. She will have erotic dreams and this is what she loves the most. Diana is an ebony and because we all know you love this kind of pussy, you can order Diana and she will come to your place right away. Forever. She likes to play it rough, slow, hard and easy. She is an all in one sex doll ready to fuck the brains out of you. Have you ever thought that you could have your own ebony available for sex 24/7? Well, things are happening. She is right here and she will be ready for fucking at any hour.

Diana is a beautiful realistic sex doll with huge tits and tasty nipples. She loves to have her nipples sucked and licked and her ass licked. She is a high-quality silicone sex doll made of silicone material which makes her closer to real women. The only difference between a real woman and Diana is that Diana will be there for you anytime and she will never say no to sex. Her soft big lips and thin body create a wonderful sex doll ready to become your life partner.

She comes straight from the wild nature where she was taught the art of making rough sex. She is designed following the wishes and desires of men around the world. The porn masters who run the biggest porn websites decided to create a sex doll based on men’s wishes. She has everything a sex addict needs. A thin body, a pair of huge tits, thick and glossy lips and a naughty ass. All these on an ebony sweet girl. Wild Diana is a new sex doll on Crafty Fantasy. She is a hot real sex doll ready to become your number one sex machine. You can have her for a threesome because it will be a great idea to make sex with her and your wife. If you think this is too much, you better think again. You are thinking about this since forever but your wife or your girlfriend is too shy to try it out. you know she wants it too. A sex doll can be a real help for couples. Having a sex doll in your bed will spice up things and your lover won't be shy because Diana won't say anything about this fantasy.

One of our clients explains how she brought Diana in his bed and how she convinced her wife to join them.

" I knew my wife was tempted to try a threesome, but she wasn't that brave to dare. We tried to talk with some girls, but we couldn't get to the result we wanted. The idea of having a silicone sexdoll was the best idea for me and my wife. I chose Diana because she was just the way my wife wanted to be. It's the best girl to have in bed with you and your wife. When we received Diana, I left her in the bedroom with my wife so she could get comfortable with her. After 20 minutes my wife called me because she was very horny. She always wanted to taste a pussy and when she had the chance, she was very happy. Her fantasies came to life. I was fucking her from behind while she was licking Diana's pussy. It was amazing."

People have tried Diana and she managed to help some couples make quality sex again. Diana is one of the most wanted life size sex dolls on the market. She is one of our top love dolls. You have to order Diana even if you are single or married. Diana will look just great in your bedroom.


Our Price:
$2,699.00 $3,199.00
save $500.00

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