'Cloris' 160cm sex doll-TPE sex doll new

'Cloris' TPE Sex Doll - 160cm sex doll new

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160 cm/5.2 ft
106 cm/42 inch
63 cm/25 inch
102 cm/40 inch

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What a great teacher can do?! Well, she can work wonders if the students pay attention to her and if they obey her rules. That’s what Cloris, the gorgeous sex doll teacher is about to do with you, so be a good student and listen to her. Cloris is a good girl that wants to be bad with you, when it is the right time, of course. Cloris is a project manager at a construction firm and she likes to play tennis in her free time, so if you are into tennis as well, you two already have something in common. After she graduated school, she found this great job because she is a very smart girl, but she discovered that there are a lot of advantages. Working with men has its benefits because you get to know a lot of people, make friends with them and let them fuck you.

Cloris was very shy at first with men, but when she saw how many guys like her, mostly for her giant tits, she started trusting herself more. When the director of the firm noticed how good she was doing at her job and how everybody appreciated her, he called her in his office. At first, Cloris thought about want’s worse, that he might fire her or things like that, but when she got into his office and they started talking about how bright is her future there, she had no fear. After a long chat, the director got off his chair and went to the door to lock it and draw the curtains. He went to Cloris and said that if she wants a raise, she has to do what he says. Cloris was quite stunned by this situation, but she agreed because she needed the money and what could happen after all?! He said to her to take her clothes off and get down on her knees, she did that and while he unzipped his pants, she got down on her knees and started licking and sucking his dick because that’s what he commanded.

She liked that because his dick was so hard and big and she could feel him moaning with pleasure, which gave her confidence that she is doing it right. Then, he picked her up, placed her on the table, spread her legs and then he put his cock inside her, the pleasure was intense for both of them, so they were having such a great time. When he was about to cum, he got out of her pussy and rubbed his dick between her huge tits and then he came right there, the hot sperm getting on her face as well. The director was clearly happy about Cloris and she definitely got her raise, but he said they must do that every week. Strange thing, Cloris didn’t felt used, she really liked it and she couldn’t wait for the next “session” with the director to see what’s next. After a few years of having an affair with the director, she got bored because he didn’t want a serious relationship with her, so that was the moment when she decided to leave the firm and him and find her own path and her own man. It is true, she suffered for a while because she liked having lots of sex with the hot director, but she decided it was about time for her to settle and find a great man for life.

She doesn’t want adventures, only if they are out there in the woods with the man she loves, but she is ready and determined to find that committed guy who will make her happy. She surely knows how to make a man happy and she still likes a great big ass sex, so if you think you are ready for what Cloris has in store for you, don’t waste any more time and take her to be there for you. She knows to offer affection, but she wants the same thing back because only this way you will make her happy… ohh and offering her a lot of sex. She likes it in every way, position and style, so get ready to experience unlimited pleasures because Cloris is a master of seduction and she does her job wonderfully good. Treat her right and she will do the same for you because sexual fantasies are no problem for her, she will do them all with you, because she likes and she needs sex all the time!

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$2,199.00 $2,899.00
save $700.00

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