'Bill' 160cm sex doll-TPE love doll

'Bill' TPE Sex Doll - 160cm love doll

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160 cm/5.2 ft
78 cm/31 inch
66 cm/26 inch
80 cm/32 inch

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Bill is male sex doll who had a dream since he was a kid; his dream was to become a gigolo because he loved women so much that he wanted to offer them pleasure and to make money out of it. This is Bill’s presentation from the gigolo websites, but no one really knows is that this dream Bill had, started back in high school when he promised himself to become a gigolo to take his revenge on women. Why revenge? Because in high school, Bill was a tiny boy who was bullied by other guys and he never had success with a woman. After he finished school he decided to work on his body to become a sexy stud.

He moved from his home town to go to college and there he started a new life. In just one year he became the real sexy stud he was dreaming to become. Things move fast for him and with the help of the internet, he started having a lot of customers. The women who contacted Bill for sex were very happy, so we have to say that any woman needs a stud like Bill. She had his revenge on her ex-girlfriend and now he is all in it for satisfying women all over the world with his big did. Bill wanted to prove all the girls from his past that they missed a lot back then when they were making fun of him. Bill had a girlfriend who didn’t want to make sex with him while they were in high school and now she is contacting him to trying to repair things. Everyone has a story. We wanted to tell you Bill’s story so you get to know him better. He is a gentle guy with a big heart and a big dick. He likes to take care of himself, but he also likes taking care of the woman next to him. Bill is willing to start a brand new life now and he wants to find a woman to spend his entire life with him. We had to mention about his gigolo past because as a woman, you have to know that he is a great catch.

Bill really knows how to fuck and he has a dick that you would love to suck. If you wonder why you should get a sex male doll, we can share a few reasons with you. First of all, you will make great sex anytime. Bill’s dick will always be hard and ready for action. Getting fucked by a sex doll is amazing because you can actually have an orgasm or even more, it’s all up to you. Bill will uncover a brand new world for you where you can find out how real sex is done. You will have the chance to experience sex more than 2-3 minutes. Bill will always be clean and ready to fuck. He is a realistic sex doll with a real dick. You can put in practice all those fantasies you had while you were watching your favorite porn video. Women around the world took this experience further. They got bill forever and they gave up men. Nowadays a woman can be independent and she can earn her own money and I am sure you are that kind of woman too. So, why waste your time and money with lowlife who doesn’t do anything? Real men are sometimes overrated and we need to escape this prison called society. One of the best ways to do that is to buy a sex doll with a big dick and a great body.

Bill will always be at home waiting for you and you will definitely love the peace and silence he will offer you. Before you decide, check out what Susan from Nevada has to say about her experience with Bill: “Having sex is in my blood. Even if I am a woman I can admit that and I am not ashamed for loving cocks. Let’s get to the point and let me tell you how great life is having Bill around. I was simply tired of man messing up my life, so I decided to make the next step and to get a male sex doll. A friend of mine told me about Bill and I called him right away. I must tell you that my first with Bill was amazing. Having sex with a sex doll is heavenly. You feel like you are in control all the time and you can do whatever you want in bed. When Bill took off his pants and I saw that amazing dick I started sucking it right away. And believe me, I sucked it for almost two hours while I was fingering my wet and horny pussy. I felt the need to put his dick inside me, but I decided to stick it in my ass first because I wanted to keep the best for last. Bill has a thick dick and it hurt me a little at the beginning, but after a while, I started to like it. After playing my games, I laid Bill on the bet and I started to jump on his dick like a nympho. That was the best sex I ever had in my entire life. Bill was hard all the time and this way I was able to bring all my fantasies to life.” Being in a healthy love relationship requires a lot of patience, hard work, and making compromises, and the fact is that many people may feel threatened because the other side doesn’t agree with their opinions. With a male sex doll, you can relax and you can focus on your business. Behind every successful woman, there has to be a males sex doll.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$2,299.00 $2,799.00
save $500.00

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