'Amanda' 148cm sex doll-TPE love doll

'Amanda' TPE Sex Doll - 148cm love doll

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148 cm/4.9 ft
82 cm/12 inch
56 cm/ 22 inch
86 cm/34 inch

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Look at her! She is waiting for you. She is that real TPE sex doll who just loves ass sex. She thinks exactly what you’re thinking right now. You both want real sex with everything included. Look her in the eyes and let her words get into your mind: “ I am Amanda and I can’t wait for you to spank my ass harder and harder after getting inside me. I want you to move fast while squeezing my big tits and pulling my long hair. I want you to make me scream because starting now, I am your new best TPE sex doll. You can do whatever you want with me, you can explore my entire perfect body and you can cum on me whenever you want, I will always be there”

See how powerful and kinky she is? Just how you like it. She loves real sex and she is not a simple a doll she is a real doll.

This is Amanda. If you are ready for the best real sex adventure of your life with a TPE sex doll, she is exactly what you are looking for, but be cautious because she loves making ass sex all day long so make sure you are able to handle it. This baby is for the real hustlers who are tired of those boring and noisy wives. Amanda is ready to spread and she is more than ready to stay like that forever and ever.  She was born to offer pleasure to whoever wants to live making sex every day. Her tanned body is just perfect and is waiting for your hands to touch her, caress her, kiss her. She loves being kissed on her legs until she gets all hot and her thighs start to burn. Then all she wants is you to kiss her down there until your manhood starts to burn as well. Don’t worry, you won’t need the firemen because she will take care of this going down on you sucking that hot thing until ready to explode. When that happens, Amanda will kindly and warmly welcome you inside here where you can cum while kissing her giant tits and spanking her round beautiful sexy ass.

The best day for Amanda goes like this:  After you finish work, you should get ready for the real deal because Amanda will be at home waiting for you and all she wants is to have some real sex. The style and the conditions are up to you, as long as you will be ready to offer her the greatest sex. I know you can because you are the real deal and you can deliver what others can't. So, let’s get back to this real doll, Amanda. She will be just where you left her because all she desired all day was you to come home and make love to her hard and wild. She loves it rough because all she wants is to make you cum and relax while taking her from behind because ass sex is her number one pleasure. A TPE sex doll like Amanda is what every strong man needs. You will be able to do your business and when you come home you will cum in her feeling the relaxation you need and getting the inspiration you desire. She will be there and all she wants is for you to get in your imagination and make it all come true. Her sexy latina sexy body will satisfy your desires and she will taste every drop of you. Take your life to the next level and live the hottest moments of your life with this real TPE sex doll.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.

Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with body that is a perfect match to a real girl's body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to sell you silicone dolls for less money.

Realistic sex …
These sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These sex dolls have real life simulation vaginal opening for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a real girl, so soft real skin feeling. Our sex dolls arouse your naughty side and helps fulfill your dirty fantasies.

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Our Price:
$1,899.00 $2,499.00
save $600.00

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