'Aliyah' 160cm sex doll-TPE sex doll new

'Aliyah' TPE Sex Doll - 160cm sex doll new

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160 cm/5.2 ft
98 cm/39 inch
58 cm/23 inch
103 cm/41 inch

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Are you in the mood for a jelly or do you want some cake? Then you’ve got to go to this sex doll’s Candy Shop. But what about the idea that she will bring it to you? This awesome sex doll will know for sure how to do it. Actually she can perform like a real doll and she knows how to do you. She is the manager of the Candy Shop and she has a degree in sucking anything, but the best is when she’s sucking cocks.

She started as a waitress and she was the best employee because she always satisfied the clients. She bent to put the order on the table and the big tits collided for a wonderful view. When she turned around her big ass brought more fantasy to the clients. So every customer left all the time satisfied and happy. The Candy Shop owner saw that and he decided that Aliyah should be the manager of that place. Aliyah also trained others waitresses in blowjob and they were trained very well because she’s the best teacher, gifted and passionate. Aliyah has a real black porn star body. She’s like a real doll. She has playful big tits and juicy big ass. You can have the best black sex because she’s very gifted. She likes sucking cocks, but also other stuff, you only have to ask her what you want.

Her red like cherry lips will mold perfectly on your cock. She has that tasty chocolate color, and she looks like a real black actress. Her long ebony hair is so silky and she wants you to caress and pull her hair when she performs a blowjob. Whatever you need, in the position you wanted, the sex doll is able to perform. Because your satisfaction is her will. She also likes to feel like a star, to be dressed in big heels and shiny clothes. The sex doll loves to shine just for fun. And you will get all the fun if you own her. Aliyah can be naughty sometimes, just to wake up your manly lusts: Aliyah likes wearing silky underwear, for a longer prelude. “I always loved those black girls, with their forms and boldness. One of my life wishes was to have one for me. When Aliyah appeared in my life I was so happy. My wish came true. I was in a bad period of my life when she appeared. She succeeded to put the smile on my face again. She gives me amazing blowjobs and other wonderful sex experiences.”

This is a testimony of a satisfied client. We already said, her priority is a satisfied customer. You can call and order the sex doll Aliyah that you want, the one suits better for you. She will give you amazing black sex, with all the tools you want to be included. Aliyah likes to add some spice to your relationship, so you can go further with your imagination. She loves to put cream on her body parts or be covered in melty chocolate. The Candy shop will be in your house when you want, and the order will be served as you want. She is able to serve you cookies and ice cream and to perform how you like. She likes to snap her big ass, play with her her big tits and fuck her as you want. If you want one in a great experience each day, then you should order Aliyah. She’s an expert in sucking cocks but she also loves to fuck. She likes keeping her heels when fucking because she feels hotter that way and she wants to be hot for you all the time. The best position for her is standing backward and to give you a rear view. What you will do next is what she wants. However, the best black sex will be served as you wish, in the position you want. She won’t argue. You have Alyiah at only one click distance. If you want a major change in life, this is the perfect way to do it. The silicon sex doll can be what you’ve waited for in this life. You can have her when you want, how you want and where you want.With her, it’s so easy to be always satisfied. All you have to do is use your penis and your imagination.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$2,299.00 $2,799.00
save $500.00

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