'Akiko' 165cm sex doll-Platinum TPE sex doll online

'Akiko' TPE Sex Doll - 165cm sex doll online

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Platinum TPE
165 cm/5.5 ft
91 cm/35.8 inch
58 cm/22.8 inch
90 cm/35.4 inch
Foot Length:
21.5 cm/8.46 inch
Vaginal Depth:
17 cm/6.7 inch

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Who could put your heart on fire, if not really the busty and sexy Akiko. She is a gorgeous sex doll who only wants to fulfill all of your sexual desires, so you both can have a wonderful time.

She is an innocent girl, she went to a girls’ campus on college and there is where she discovered the sexual pleasures a man can give her, but she also had some “wet adventures” with her female roommates as well. She likes girls, but she loves men because they can satisfy her and she is having a lot of fun getting fucked by a powerful man who is fucking her hard in her soft pussy. She wants you to cum inside her because this gives her a lot of warm pleasure. Her big booty is ready for your hard dick because there is nothing better than a satisfying sex match between you two.

Akiko had a few sexual experiences with girls too, she liked the fact that they knew exactly where to lick her pussy to make her cum. She received pleasure and she has given pleasure back because she knows how important is that for anyone. Akiko is a hot tpe sex doll, her big tits and her wet pussy are enough to make you absolutely crazy about her. She loves a strong and confident man that can fuck her hard because her pussy is waiting for a hard dick to please her. She also enjoys the anal sex with a few licks before to enhance the satisfaction even more. Her hazel eyes and her long hair will make you love her, but her look and shapes will make you adore her. She can be your little angel that turns all of your dreams into reality, any position and any game you want, she is up to everything you desire the most.

Akiko is a premium real doll who is ready for a long time relationship with you. She is the perfect girl for you, giant tits for you to cum on her, smooth pussy which you can lick and fuck because she won’t say not to that. She has an obedient attitude because very man would like a good girl that will do everything they say, so you just found your soulmate! When life offers you a great silicone doll, you should accept it and make sex with her because this is the right moment for you to be with a beautiful and good girl. She has a soft skin that will make you want to never leave her side because she can give you a life full of endless pleasures. She came into your life to make it better, she wants to enjoy every moment together with you and please each other.

Imagine a day of your life, you wake up, go to work and then come back home. But now in your life appeared Akiko, a busty sex doll which will stand by your side for ever and ever. Now, your days will look different, you will wake up next to her gorgeous face, you will fuck her in order to have a great day and you will happily go to work. You will return home with a big smile on your face, knowing that your good girl is awaiting you, excited for what’s to come. You can please her by telling her how gorgeous she is, continuing with kissing her tits and her nipples, licking her all the way down to her sweet pussy and sticking your tongue into her tasty anal area. You are both turned on and you will end up fucking her good because that pussy is too good to stay away from it. She can offer you anime sex, amazing sexual experiences which will give you real feeling. Your pleasure will be real only by looking into her sweet eyes because you will realize you just found the perfect girl that can turn all of your dreams into reality. Akiko is with you and she is better than reality, so enjoy every piece of her body and let yourself flow into a river full of happiness and unlimited pleasure.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$1,999.00 $2,599.00
save $600.00

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