Friends, some of our new customers ask us:

  • I am quite nervous to give my credit card info. Is there a way you can take away my concern so i am sure i won't get burned or ripped off?
  • Are your dolls genuine real life realistic silicone sex dolls?

[1] We are one of the only companies that has a local SHOWROOM open to Public and we have live operators to assist you over the phone and help ease your mind for any concerns and worries, so visit us at with confidence

[2] We can educate you to become aware so you don't get burned or ripped off. 'Education' on not to get burned:

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[i] Stay away from the websites that claim they sell real silicone or TPE sex dolls (love dolls) for cheap. These sites will ship out blow up dolls and will cheat you. Here are some examples of the websites to watch out for:

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[ii] A website selling these dolls do not have a real address and a phone number??? If you are going to spend such money you should be able to talk to a real person.

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[iii] Would you rather trust a genuine seller in USA and Canada or would you trust someone in third world country, pay with your credit card and never hear back from that person or get a fake product.

It is the reason we tell our new clients that we only sell genuine 100% solid silicone sex dolls. We do not sell inflatable cheap dolls neither we sell hollow light weight silicone dolls. Our dolls weigh 35lbs to 70 lbs and some even more, they are the very realistic lifesize dolls next to a real beautiful girl inside and out.