Blonde Sex Dolls

  • 'A big breast' - Brooke 157 cm/5.2 ft

    "Absolutely Irresistible" - Brooke   Let's face it, "beautiful" barely registers as a compliment for Brooke, because she is such a busty bodacious have that we can't even think of the right words. But once you kiss her poofy pouty lips we're...

    $2,700.00 $2,299.00
  • 'A busty angel' - Alexa 159 cm/5.2 ft

    Alexa - An Unparalleled Participant   Behind the finest glossy lips and smile, hides a deep fantasy universe ripe for the pillaging. Alexa is a space battle commander, home on shore leave for just a bit of R&R. And That Rest & Relaxation...

    $2,850.00 $2,199.00
  • 'A Busty Bosom' - Sophia 165 cm/5.4 ft

    When we choose to add a new girl to our extensive line-up of realistic sex doll companions, a lot of commitment goes into making sure the women "size up" to the needs of our customers. Well look no further than Sophia, the deliciously delightful and...

    $2,995.00 $2,299.00
  • 'A Cutie Pie' - Kylie 128 cm/4.2 ft

    "A Cutie Pie-ly" - Kylie   This petite little woman can lift your spirits just as easily as you lift her off the ground and spin her around. She is rambunctious and fully of youthful spirits, and loves of shot of whiskey as much as any other more...

    $1,899.00 $1,499.00
  • 'A D-cup beauty' - Leslie 155 cm/5.1 ft

    "A Rocker's Dream" - Leslie   The firm and confident composure of a woman like Leslie is nothing to scoff at or overlook. Let Leslie ride you into the reverb of surround sounds of sexual satisfaction. Rocking and rolling are her middle names, and...

    $2,950.00 $2,150.00
  • 'A Dashing Delight' - Barbie 155 cm/5.1 ft

    'Barbie' sex doll description: Even we can't believe how wonderful this lifelike realistic solid silicone fuck doll feels pressed against your hips and chest. Our lifelike sex doll Barbie meets every expectation for the most discerning love doll...

    $2,950.00 $2,150.00
  • 'Aria'- A Dreamy Sleeper 140 cm/4.6 ft

    'Aria' measures in at a petite 4' 6", and her sweet sexy body is too lovable to deny any attention. Grab ahold of her petite 20 inch waist as you gently make romance to this gorgeous sleeping beauty. Her 29 inch hips will pound into you like she needs to...

    $2,000.00 $1,650.00
  • 'Awesome G-cup' body of 'Andrea' 156 cm/5.1 ft

     Andrea has gotten a major upgrade. In addition to her absolutely stunning new busty and splendid body, everything else about her has been upgraded as well, even her personality! Her unmistakable beauty and attraction are enough to stop any...

    $2,950.00 $2,199.00

Blonde Sex Doll—Spicing Up Your Life

We all have our own preferences, desires, and needs that must be satisfied at some point.

However, for those who enjoy being alone, achieving satisfaction can be a challenge that would require stimulation beyond simple means.

Blonde Fantasy Doll by ESexDolls

Standing approximately 5 feet tall, our blonde fantasy doll is the only partner you will ever need to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Our blonde doll is like every other woman, but better.

She has a pussy that looks and feels like the real thing, and what’s more, she can perform any sexual position that you enjoy, no questions asked!

No matter what your fetish, whether you prefer anal, vaginal, oral, or tit sex, her perfectly sculptured body is all yours to enjoy. ESex Doll’s creations feature realistically engineered construction.

  • Ergonomic Materials—We only use top of the line materials to create our sex dolls. Our dolls are made up of high grade silicone, which creates a body temperature and skin texture that mimics the real thing.
  • Realistic Body Parts—From the mouth to the vagina and the anus, our dolls possess an almost realistic design and feel that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Modern Design—Our dolls are not your typical blow up or cheap, plastic sex doll. ESexDolls are designed to be as authentic looking and feeling as possible.
  • Flexibility—Blonde dolls are made of special materials that allow them twist and turn to any sex position that you want. Whether you like doggy-style, missionary, or you just want to cum all over her face she can handle it all in any position you like.

What Are Real Dolls Blonde?

If you have always secretly wanted to have a unique sexual experience without judgment, then our blonde Real Sex Dolls give you the chance to live out your fantasy for as long as you want. With her perfectly shaped breasts and slim hips, our blonde dolls fit into any type of clothing or costume you can dream up.

When you use a sex doll like our blonde, you can stroke, lick, fuck, and ride her delicious breasts however you want. Let your imagination run wild and use her until you exhaust your mind and try again when you’re ready for another go.

With such a tireless and non-judgmental partner, you won’t have to worry about underperforming or overdoing your acts of self-expression. ESexDolls provide you with a great deal of satisfaction that you don’t come by every day, but, did you know that our blonde sex doll can improve your overall sex life as well?

By using a sex doll on a consistent basis, you can eventually minimize the effects of premature ejaculation. This common male trait is the result of extreme penis sensitivity and a highly intense sense of excitement and anticipation. By fucking a sex doll often, which you can do at any time of the day, you will be able to work up to a respectable and longer time before you feel the uncontrollable urge to release your load all over her body.

Fulfill Your Fantasies With A Blond Lifesize Doll

Sex dolls are one of the greatest inventions to the sex industry in recent memory. You can do whatever you want with no complaints or expensive dinners.

Find the woman of your dreams and fulfill your sexiest fantasies with ESexDolls. Get laid 24/7 and fuck a real doll today!