Amazingly Gorgeous Elf "Elvera" 130 cm/4.3 ft - Crafty Fantasy

Amazingly Gorgeous Elf "Elvera" 130 cm/4.3 ft

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Platinum TPE
130 cm/4.3 ft
80 cm/31.50 inch
43 cm/ 16.93 inch
74 cm/29.13 inch
Foot Length:
20 cm/7.87 inch
Vaginal Depth:
17 cm/ 6.70 inch
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With an exotic look, huge tits and a perfect beauty, Elvera is ready to turn your world upside down. Experience all the sexual pleasures with her because she definitely knows how to please a man. Don’t get fooled by her small height because, as you know, strong essences are held in small bottles. Elvera is a gorgeous elf and as little, as she is, as fierce she is in bed because she likes to take control and be a naughty silicone sex doll when she wants and how she wants. Elvera is a part of a mystical world, she grew up in the magical forest with her family. She had 2 other sisters and they were happy there, but when the girls grew up, they wanted to see the world, to discover different things, but her father didn’t allow them to leave the forest.

He was afraid he would lose his girls in the crazy world and he will never see them again, but the girls were eager to see things, to discover more than the forest they lived in, so they set up a plan to escape the forest and enter the real world. One night, while their parents slept, the two girls made no noise and tried to sneak up outside their house. They had a bad luck because outside was raining really bad and they have forgotten their raincoats, but they didn’t return for them because they risked being caught by their father. Just like that, Elvera and her sister ran out away from home into the big world, they were both 18, so their father had nothing to do when he will find out about their disappearance. Elvera was a couple months older than her sister, so she took the initiative and lead the way for her and her sister. After a couple of days and a lot of obstacles, they arrived into a big city and there, they asked for indications toward a place they could spend the night. They ran into a cute boy who guided them to the nearest hotel.

They thanked him and leave, but the boy was fascinated by their beauty and followed them to the hotel. He watched them until they arrived at the room, but he didn’t have the courage to do anything, saying to himself that he would look for them the next day to invite them to a nice restaurant. Just when he was outside their door, Elvera walked out of the room because she seemed she was hearing something. They just bumped into each other, but Elvera didn’t seem scared to see the boy there. He told her that he just wanted to make sure they arrived safe into their room, but then Elvera asked him to come in the room with them, so he can tell them more about this world. The boy accepted and he was pretty impressed when he found out their story and where did they come from. He told them about all the wonderful things that happen in this world and the girls were excited about what is going to happen next with them. The boy was also amazed by the two girls because they had something magical, so he thought about showing them something new and interesting for them, he told them to undress and promised them to offer them pleasure. Because they didn’t know, the girls did like they were told and the boy started to touch them and licking their wet pussies. Elvera and her sister were amazed by what was happening, but then they felt the pleasure and discovered a whole new „dimension”. This was the new world they weren’t allowed to see, but this is how they had their first experience. From here on, the world was open for them to feel its taste, so they decided to stay and see more. The boy remained their friend and introduced them into a world full of pleasures and fun. The girls started going out, drinking and they discovered how good sex feels, so now they experience it every time... Do you want to be next?!

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$995.00 $1,499.00
save $504.00

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