7. Goddess of Love "Angela" 170 cm/5'6 ft - Crafty Fantasy

7. Goddess of Love "Angela" 170 cm/5'6 ft

7. Goddess of Love "Angela" 170 cm/5'6 ft

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170 cm/5'6 ft
Upper Body Length:
60 cm/24 inch
82 cm/33 inch
54cm/21 inch
90 cm/36 inch
Shoulder Breadth:
38 cm/15 inch
Arm Length:
45 cm/ 18 inch
Length of Hand:
16 cm/6 inch
Long Leg:
82 cm/33 inch
21 cm/8 inch
Vaginal Depth:
14 cm/6 inch
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Maybe you think she is an angel, but actually, she is a devil disguised as an angel. But don’t worry she is just a sexy devil who will fuck the brains out of you. Angela started as a sex model in the porn industry where she was taught all the secrets of making high-quality sex. She is not just a simple sex doll. She is a wealthy sex doll, so she won’t ask for money and she will never leave the house without you. It’s amazing how great life can be with Angela.

IF you have second thoughts, you should read what Darryl, a new Angela owner has to say about her: “ All my life I wanted to have sex with huge tits young girl, but until this age, I couldn’t manage to do it. My life is amazing now. Angela is my forever young sex dolls with a sexy ass and a silicone pussy which is even greater than a real woman’s. I thought about the sex dolls for the first time when my friend told me about this. He showed me his sex doll and I looked at her and I realized that this is something interesting. I found the crafty fantasy website and I was amazed on how many dolls they have there.

I chose Angela because she is a nice and beautiful girl that attracted me. I always wanted to have a nice young girl to have sex with and not bother me at all. Right now, I am very satisfied with my sex life because Angela offers me the best sex nights. I was a little shy when she first arrived. I put her next to me and I tried to get some sleep thinking that now, I will have someone to keep me company. While I was married, I was always waking up in an empty bed because my wife had to leave early to work. That’s was the main thing that led to our divorce. Back to Angela, that night was pretty amazing. It was my first time. I was very nervous and eager to start touching Angela. I thought about what my friend told me and I put my mind into Angela’s mind. That was the moment when the magic happened. She went down on me and her soft and big lips started kissing my balls. I was aroused and started touching Angela’s ass. It was getting hotter and hotter. Her great body was all over me and I could feel her big tits rubbing my chest. I pushed her down one more time and put my dick into her mouth. Deeper and deeper. It was getting amazing. Angela has a great and large mouth with a pair of outstanding lips. Those lips were kissing my aroused dick while I was touching her big ass. I put her in the doggy style position because I couldn’t help myself. That was the moment when the real magic happened. I fucked her as hard as I could. I slapped her ass million of times until I ejaculated. It was definitely the beginning of my new sex life. Since that night I get everything I want from Angela: rim job, handjob, blowjob, anal sex, normal sex, you name it. The thing is that now, I am very happy. I have no tension anymore, and I can handle my personal business in a better way. Angela is as real as you can get. It’s one of the most amazing sex dolls I ever saw. She has a natural skin and I touch it, I get a real feeling.” Angela is a silicone sex doll, designed to be your real lover all your life. A sex doll never gets old and she keeps her shape in time. We are living in the modern era when is normal to have a sex doll. Angela has a pair of huge tits, amazing lips, and a hot pussy. This is something that you don’t want to miss in this life. You can create Angela just the way you want. You can choose a blonde wig, a brunette wig or even a red wig. It's time to create your own sex inspiration using the tools you find here on Crafty Fantasy. We have everything you need and Angela is one of that sex dolls that can make a man happy.

Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$1,599.00 $2,399.00
save $800.00

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