Sex Doll Emmanuelle

5. Gorgeous Hot "Emmanuelle" 170 cm/5.6 ft

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170 cm/5.6 ft
89 cm/35 inch
54 cm/21.25 inch
97 cm/38 inch
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Don’t be afraid of Emanuelle, even if she is stunning as she is, she is a sex doll who knows men better than any one because she is a man fashion designer. She loves men and she dedicated her entire life to make them happy. Emanuelle is a TPE sex doll with a great ass and a great sense of style. She is made to achieve all your dreams regarding all aspects of life. She likes drinking champagne and she loves going to parties with you. She will teach you how to make sex like a pro and she will encourage you to find a real woman to bring her into her bed. She will take care of your look and she will teach you how to become an irresistible man.

Emmanuelle is a must have sex doll for everyone. She is a cool doll to have around. She likes dressing like a real lady and she loves fucking like a real slut. All you have to do is to have your dick ready whenever she likes. She is a classy lady and most of the men see her as a curvy milf and we must agree. She is an experienced sex doll who can provide some real sex to any man in the world. Her body has some fine and sexy curves and her life experience made her a real curvy milf that any man would want to fuck. Emmanuelle is a hot TPE sex doll designed to make your fantasies reality. She is a custom sex doll that you can fuck any way you want and most importantly, you can design this curvy milf just the way you want because it is a custom sex doll that can be crafted following your desires.

Having Emmanuelle in your house, you can consider yourself a fantasy crafter. You can choose her type of hair, the color of her hair and if you are kinky enough, you can even make her a curvy milf with an attachable penis, but only if you want. Emmanuelle can provide beautiful sex if you take care of her and if you let her do her fashion stuff on you. Don't worry, she won't bore you with her fashion ideas. a man who has a curvy milf sex doll like Emmanuelle told us an interesting story about his first experience with Emmanuelle: " I am a man who loves fashion myself, and when I saw that there is a sex doll who comes with this feature, I decided to make her part of my life. I started creating clothes for Emmanuelle with the goal to make her look sexy when I take them off. I must say that this idea brought me millions because everyone in the fashion industry embraced my idea. I am dressing Emmanuelle at my home and I go to shows to undress her and to fuck her in front of an audience. A lot of men have the fetish of fucking women barely naked or better said half naked. While some get horny from a pair of short pants, while others get horny by sexy V- neck blouse or dress half on and half off. It is known that men have limitless imagination.

Emmanuelle and a sex doll in generally is that great thing that visionary minds created for us. With a sex doll, you can explore your imagination and you can accomplish any kinky idea you have. My shows start with Emmanuelle running on the catwalk and showing my brand new collection. Emmanuelle is then going backstage and she takes off some of the clothes until she remains half naked. After she gets rid of the panties, I lay her down on the catwalk and I fuck her in front of the audience. The style of the clothes and the way they stay on her and the way I fuck her makes everyone horny. This is how I promote my collection. Besides my business partner, Emanuelle is also my sex partner and my life is just great" That was a statement of a smart and successful man who started his life next to a sex doll years ago. He is now one of the happiest men alive and one of the richest men alive. It all happened with the love she shared with Emmanuelle. Emmanuelle is a curvy milf sex doll who can really change your life. She can be creative and she can be a real supporter. Take advantage of her great body and mind and offer yourself a well-deserved gift.

 Making sex with a hot sex doll is something anyone should try at least once in his lifetime. If this doll’s story wasn’t too convincing for you, you should definitely see what this one has to say.


Our Price:
$1,999.00 $2,800.00
save $801.00

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