2+ feet TPE dolls

  • Faye - Forest Fairy 67 cm/2.2 ft

    This adorable little petite pixie life like sex doll is our little Forest Fairy - her name is Faye Flashwood. Her perfect pint sized pussy is practically a pocket sized pleasure palace ready for pillaging. At such a small stature, when you ram your thick...

    $995.00 $549.00
  • Mini Girl (Classic) - Pixie Playmate 67 cm/2.2 ft

    You have never seen a petite pretty lithe little pixies like playmate as perfect as her. What this realistic sex doll lacks in size she makes up for in pleasuring ability. She may have only one hole, but her velvet smooth vagina is the only hole you will...

    $995.00 $549.00
  • Minigirl Tweeny -Anime Fan 67 cm/2.2 ft

    Tweeny has the same body as the rest of our beautiful realistic sex doll Minigirls, and stands at a height of 2'2". She has a lissome and slender waist measuring 8". Her tiny hips will please you at a petite 14", and her bust is a perky 14" as well. She...

    $995.00 $549.00
  • Tiffany - Flower Fairy 67 cm/2.2 ft

    The name of this little teeny tiny pixie tart is Tiffany Treeheart. She is a velvety smooth skinned Minigirl version of our life like sex dolls. This fuck doll is so cute and petite that you could lift her with one hand and... Well, we don't need to...

    $995.00 $549.00

Mini Sex Dolls: A Shortie Ready to Please

We’ve all had the fantasy of fucking a short girl. How can we not? They are tiny firecrackers ready to burst anytime. Satisfy your fantasy of making love to a sexy shortie with ESexDoll’s collection of realistic mini sex dolls.

Small Sex Dolls: Fulfill Your Fantasy

Short women offer a special kind of fantasy. When you’re taller than your sex partner, you can’t help but feel more dominant. They also look like those sweet damsels in distress you’ve heard about in fairy tales, crying out for your love and attention.

Sexual escapades can be more fun with shorter women. Wall sex is doable because she’s easy to lift and their petite size is ideal for spooning and fucking from behind.

Satisfy your tiny girl fantasy with a sex doll. They may be pint size, but they still have all the curves and warmth of a real woman.


Tiny Sex Dolls: Why You Should Get One

Contrary to popular belief, using a sex doll has many benefits, for both your mental and sexual health.

  • Amp up your game - Improve your stamina and knowledge of the female body by practicing with a sex doll. Wow the next real woman you meet with your new tricks.

  • Fill the space in your bed - It can get lonely when you’re single and sleeping alone. Cuddling with your sex doll can give you comfort and warmth during those long, cold nights.

  • Security- When you’re having sex with a real woman, have to concentrate on her pleasure as well as yours. Having sex with a doll allows you to focus on yourself rather than on worrying about pleasing your partner.

  • Avoid drama - Sometimes, sex can be too emotional. A sex doll will give you absolute pleasure, without the added drama.

  • Avoid diseases - Casual sex is all the rage. It’s easy to find an instant hookup with just a swipe of a finger. But hooking up with a stranger poses a lot of risks. Avoid STDs and other harmful diseases with a sex doll instead.

Bring home a scintillating tiny sex doll from ESexDolls. ESexDolls is the premiere provider of realistic mini sex dolls, custom-made or your pleasure. Check out our collection of titillating teases:

  • Chiki - Prepare to be enticed by this minx’s 21 inches bust.

  • April - This mysterious rebel has an amazing and tight vagina.

  • Pixie - This ingenue is ready to please you with her realistic vagina.

  • Mary Jane - This tiny spitfire knows how to please you with her nubile silicone body.

  • Faye - Her pint size pussy will amaze you

Miniature Sex Dolls: Ultimate Fantasy from ESexDolls

Finding the perfect person to spice up your sex life can be hard. ESexDolls.com takes the work out of finding that perfect partner. Our dolls are customizable to your tastes and ship discreetly.You can also visit our showroom to get first hand experience of what our lovely fuck dolls look and feel like. All our dolls dolls are made from a high-grade silicone that both looks and feels like the real thing. They undergo a precise fabrication process to ensure that they’re in their best shape 

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