2. A Hypnotizing Beauty "Clarissa" 160 cm/5'3 ft - Crafty Fantasy

2. A Hypnotizing Beauty "Clarissa" 160 cm/5'3 ft

2. A Hypnotizing Beauty "Clarissa" 160 cm/5'3 ft

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168 cm/5'5 ft
Upper Bust:
78 cm/31 inch
Under Bust:
60 cm/24 inch
52 cm/21 inch
83 cm/32 inch
Shoulder Breadth:
37 cm/15 inch
Arm Length:
44 cm/ 17 inch
Length of Hand:
16.5 cm/7 inch
Thight Length:
42 cm/17 inch
Feet Length:
21 cm/8 inch
Vaginal Depth:
17 cm/7 inch
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Our Price:
$1,499.00 $2,299.00
save $800.00

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